I have been a fitness fanatic most of my life. Born into an extremely active and athletic family, playing more sports than I can even remember as a kid and becoming a Fitness Instructor at 18 its fair to say Fitness has been my life. I love the way keeping fit makes me feel, it brightens my mood and my days.

With my busy lifestyle which is largely comprised of travel these days it’s not always possible to get to a gym or find a swimming pool so walking has become my exercise of choice. You can pretty much do it anywhere anytime and its the best way to explore and tone at the same time!

People are always asking me how I keep fit and don’t believe that mostly walking keeps me in shape. I’m talking Power Walking here though no dawdle in the park or around the corner to my fave cafe. Also I have a secret weapon or “personal trainer” my Border Collie Abbey who needs at least 8km’s a day. She is definitely my favorite walking companion and we get out there rain hail or shine! Just this morning we did 7 undulating kilometers, discovered a new dog friendly park, met some lovely locals and had a juice in the sun over looking the ocean. Bliss!

Laura Csortan-Abbey

I have always believed that exercise should be something that you love to do. If you love the water swim, if you’re a keen weight lifter get to the gym and pump some iron, if you like to get physical with pumping beats and feel the energy of others in a room hit the studio! Of course you can mix it up so it doesn’t get monotonous. I love walking and look forward to it every day. I choose different routes daily and when I remember brace my abdominal muscles and squeeze my gluteus to get a deeper workout. I enjoy waking to music or chatting with friends I can talk into coming with me.

My walking sessions are quite extreme..sometimes I will stride it out for 2 hours, however just 30-40 minutes a day can do you the word of good. Obviously exercise within your capabilities and try to extend the distance and level of intensity gradually, I promise you will see great results.   Walking will melt your thighs and perk up your bum, manage stress, lower blood pressure and improve your mood. It’s also has a significant risk reduction for developing type 2 diabetes…brilliant!

Walking is simply one of the easiest and safest activities for burning calories and tuning up the cardiovascular system.

Already looking forward to tomorrow, I’m thinking Bondi to Clovelly!

Laura xx