Using your electronic device is now A-OK while you fly.

As of today passengers will be able to keep their electronic devices powered on during all phases of flight, that’s right gate to gate after the Civil Aviation Safety Authority gave it the A-OK.

Before you get too excited about surfing the internet, social media and sending messages etc at 30,000ft tablets, phones and e-readers can be used but kept in “flight mode”

The move will allow Virgin Australia customers using the airline’s in flight entertainment system, which streams via Wi-Fi, to watch a film or television show during the flight.

Virgin Australia chief customer officer Mark Hassell said the company was pleased to be introducing the initiative without delay.

“Today’s announcement means that our customers will be able to use their personal devices throughout their entire journey with us, maximizing their work or leisure time,” he said.

Virgin Australia will allow customers to do so from the first flight on Tuesday. Similar privileges are already in place in the United States, Europe and New Zealand.

Qantas Domestic chief executive Lyell Strambi said the new changes, to take effect on his airline’s flights from Tuesday afternoon, would be positive for customers.

“Whether customers choose to listen to music, read their e-books or review work documents, the introduction of gate-to-gate electronic access on Qantas flights is an exciting development to an already exceptional inflight entertainment service,” he said.

So don’t worry travellers, there won’t be any disturbing phone calls in the air when you’re trying to in get some precious “you-time”. Just remember to pack your favorite noise-cancelling headphones to watch movies and listen to music.

Happy Travels.

Laura XX