In my twenties my idea of a fun holiday was taking off to Bali or Thailand with my sister or a girlfriend packing our cutest bikini’s and summer frocks, renting a moped and burning around to the coolest beaches and the hottest parties.

Recently I traveled through Italy for a month with Mum and I can honestly say it is the best holiday I have ever had! Oh how times have changed!


Cruising back to Positano from a long, long lunch!

We were independent single women on a mission to take on Italy and and get our “carb on”. Did you know there are 200 different types of pasta in Italy? We sampled about 50% only because we were concerned that our extra kilos might count as oversized baggage and get stung at the airport check in desk. Yikes!

Rome was our first port of call. There wasn’t an inch of the historic city that we overlooked. We walked and walked, good thing actually as it counteracted all the magnificent food and wine we consumed on every outing.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain


My beautiful Mum couldn’t get enough of Ancient Rome

The weather was perfect, the men were over attentive (it was fun in the beginning) and Mum and I bonded like never before laughing our way through the colorful country.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon


We caught the train down to Naples and ferried out to Positano, simply heaven! We bought terrible floaty colorful dresses which suited the time and place (what were we thinking) drank limoncello like it was water and made the most of the stunning coast line. I even got Mum out to Music on the Rocks, the one and only night club in the small seaside town…we owned that place! Moving on we putt putted over to Capri and hung out with the locals buying fresh produce at the markets and drinking home made wine (it tasted much better after a few glasses) with the owners of the B&B we were staying at.

positano 3

I love you Positano!

Heading inland we were back on the train to Florence. The most interesting “bonding experience” came when we rented a car and drove through Tuscany with no GPS! Oh boy…trying times but we got where we needed to be despite the tiny, windy unmarked roads.tuscany After several days there driving, getting lost and discovering new and amazing places we headed to Chinque Terre. We had died and gone to heaven in one of the most picturesque places in the world..once we found accommodation that is (we thought we would “wing it”) Arriving without a place to call home I nervously set to my feet knocking on doors and eventually worked something out with an old lady who didn’t speak a word of English. The quaint little accom was perfect and saw us through a few days of once again eating, drinking, swimming and heaps of walking.

Colourful Cinque Terre

Colourful Cinque Terre

Lake Como in all it's beauty

Lake Como in all it’s beauty

Our last stop was Lake Como. Such a vast change of scenery but equally as beautiful. Our dream holiday was coming to an end but not before we sampled some of Northern Italy’s fabulous food. The little B&B we stayed at came with a resident cat and a couple of jars of home made pesto from the owner. It’s nice sometimes after you have been away so long to spend a night in. We threw on some pasta mixed in the pesto, cracked a bottle of Chianti and sat with our rent a pet over looking the heavenly Lake George Clooney calls home….and why wouldn’t you if you could!pesto pasta

Overlooking Como.

Overlooking Como.

Turns out Mum was the best travel partner of all time and we are already planning out next trip together…perhaps somewhere tropical.

Happy Travels.

Laura xx