Add Ambiance and Aroma to your Hotel Room.

Ever arrived at your hotel and the room has a particularly interesting aroma? I know I have!

Relax with essential lavender oil.

Relax with essential lavender oil.



Add warmth to your hotel room with a Scented Candle.

Frequent travellers would be wise to invest in a scented candle with a lid, so you do not get wax through your bag.

They are easy to travel with and not only give off a lovely smell but also add a bit of ambiance to any hotel room.

Available at most candle shops and department stores.

My favourite is lavender scented, I find them the most relaxing.

You can also put a couple of drops of lavender oil on your pillow which also promotes a good nights rest.

Here’s to a Sensational Scented trip!

Happy Travels, Laura XX