A Few Of My Favourite Travel Tips For Your Comfort.

Here are some of my favourite travel tips for you to consider on your next trip. They will help you move quickly through customs and security and increase your comfort on the plane for those long flights.


Get Security Ready before getting to the airport to save yourself waiting in those pesky lines, remove jewellery etc, empty pockets,  put your liquids in a see-through zip lock bag and have your lap-top within easy reach.

Don’t clog up the security line, grab your shoes, belt etc and put them back on at a near by bench or chair.

Have your boarding pass and passport at hand, you will have to present both a few times from check-in to boarding.

Don’t forget, you can only take 100 ml of liquid in your carry on. Anymore than that and it will get confiscated not to mention hold up the line.


Always take a change of clothes in your carry-on and a warm jacket, just incase your luggage doesn’t show up for a day or two or longer! 

If you are on a long haul flight buy a large bottle of water to drink and stay hydrated, you can buy the bottle after you clear security, not before. Often drinks can take a long time to come out on the plane and when they do they are in tiny cups which is not nearly enough.

Pack a face spritzer to keep skin hydrated and happy.

Noise-Cancelling headphones are worth their weight in gold when drowning out crying babies and loud passengers.

If you tend to swell on flights, invest in some compression socks.

Try to stay off the booze and coffee while travelling, nobody wants an in-flight hang over! Argh!

Don’t eat a heavy meal before the flight. Pack healthy snacks to satisfy you while in the air.

Anti-bacterial towelettes are the best for wiping down the arm rests and tray tables, planes are incubators for viruses, prevent where you can!

Add a vitamin C powder and down some vitamins while you are in the air.  The body is depleted of many essential virus fighting vitamins during plane travel.

Pack a travel wallet in your carry-on filled with confirmation print outs and local currency.

Don’t forget to include the name of your hotel written down somewhere safe and handy for your arrival, also to copy down on your arrival card.

Happy Travels xx