I discover the magic of Volcanic Sand at Bali’s Alila Villas Soori.

Walking through the stunning foyer at Alila Villas Soori the first thing you notice is the black sand beach which stretches out like a rich velvet blanket before the resort.  Silvery fragments scattered in the soft black sand shimmer in the sunshine and at sunset it seems to behold jewels.  You’d swear this volcanic sand has magic powers, and according to the spa it does. The resort has bought the power of the magic sand to the spa and invite you to try! I for one was not leaving until I tried the healing powers of the volcanic sand!

photo 5


The Balinese people have used the healing power of volcanic sand from Mount Agung (Bali’s largest live volcano) for medicinal and spiritual purposes from its ancient beginnings. When Mt Agung last erupted in 1965 it spit rock and lava from its east-central jungle location all the way to the sea. Over the years, it has been transformed into a fine, nutrient-rich exfoliate. The volcanic sand comes from a spiritually “hot” place where lush, water-spinach fields overflow bubbling spring water into the ocean. Volcanic sand combined with black coconut husk ash is added to actively exfoliate while drawing out impurities resulting in new, fresh, younger looking skin.

Draw out impurities, younger looking skin?! Sign me up!

The Treatment:

I was lead to a beautiful seductively lit room in the resorts Spa, once I changed into a fluffy white robe my feet were massaged and cleaned before laying out on a comfortable bed where I first received a back and shoulder massage then I was smothered in the volcanic exfoliant which combined volcanic sand, bamboo ash, rice powder, cinnamon powder, reviving oil (lemon, rosemary and petitgrain) and chamomile.

The mixture went on cool and wet all over my body then the therapist went back over the magic exfoliant and massaged it into my skin.  I was on a sandy spiritual high and my tingling, clean skin could contest it was doing the trick!

Finally the black magic was washed off with a viscy shower and my newly refreshed skin almost squeaked as I left the spa. I truly felt at one with my surroundings as I floated back to my villa along the black beach on which it sat.  I felt energised, and clean with an earthly purity which encompassed the unique landscape of Tabanan. It was such a nice way to leave the area, I felt I was taking a little of it home with me.




black sand

black sand reflections


sunset at Soori


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Relax and enjoy knowing that you’re covered.

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Happy Travels.

Laura XX



As a seasoned traveller who always has to be camera ready on set, I can tell you, when traveling overseas the last thing you want is to get sick. The following tips will help your chances of having a safe and healthy journey. [Read more...]