louis vuitton luggag picIt’s no secret that international travel plays havoc on your skin and can leave you feeling a little less than fresh when you arrive at your destination. It’s nice to be able to brush your teeth, pop on some deodorant and have some moisturisers in your carry-on luggage to combat the dehydration.




However just remember that you can only have a maximum of 100mls in each container of moisturisers, hand creams, deodorants, hair products, etc. You will still have to put them all into a clear plastic bag (which is normally provided by the customs inspectors), so have them ready to display and transfer.dermkevin

I recommend these goodies from Kevin Murphy and Dermalogica, which are designed for travel, simply click the image to purchase. Colgate have just also released a travel essentials kit, which can be picked up from most airport pharmacies.

travel It’s also handy to check the fine print on your itinerary regarding small bottles and travel allowances. I always double check with the airline I’m traveling on their website prior to packing. The Australian Government website Travel Secure explains more in depth about travel regulations.

Happy Travels,

Laura xx