Carry me Away Baby! Freedom with Stokke MyCarrier.


All hail the baby carrier! Having the use of both of your hands while getting along with your day, whether it be doing the shopping, cleaning, exercising or walking the dog is everything! Of course they have been around for thousands of years, prior to the 1900s, parents worldwide used a variety of long cloths, shawls, scarves and even bedsheets to snuggle up their babies and get the chores done. Baby wearing was and still is a necessity in some countries.

African mothers use a ‘Khanga’ which is a short-ish piece of cloth tied around the torso, so baby sits low on the back.  Papua New Guinea mothers use a Bilum-a net bag held at the forehead with baby hanging at the back, ouch my neck!!  Aboriginal mothers used to keep their babies in carriers made of bark, as did Native Americans. Thankfully the baby carrier has come along way in comfort and functionality for both mums and bubs. ‘Baby wearing’ has great value not in only convenience but also bonding with baby and aiding development. I’m all for them and as a single mum the carrier is my best friend!IMG_8289

There are many on the market and setting out to buy one that is right for you and your little person can be overwhelming.  At three months I put my little one in the Stokke MyCarrier. I felt confident that she was supported in all areas. At first it took me a little while to take my hands off her completely but once I did, it was freedom!! I remember our first walk with the carrier and she slept after 5 minutes, I was over the moon!


Not sure about you but I was always concerned about bubs hips in a carrier, I was reassured that the Stokke MyCarrier has been acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the international Hip Dysplasia Institute and medical experts, perfect, one less thing I have to worry about!  It is an ergonomic design with inward and outward facing options and fully adjustable for ultimate support and comfort. Layla is perfectly snug and I am able to kiss her little head as we walk.IMG_4967

Once my baby is seated and the carrier is fastened to fit just right I barely feel like I am carrying her because it is completely adjustable for correct weight distribution, the carrier is developed to fit mums and dads of all sizes as well as your growing baby.  It feels light but strong and very comfortable given it’s made of cotton and breathable mesh.

So far I have only had Layla in the parent facing position but MyCarrier has front facing and back carrying options all of which the baby is properly supported and no matter the movement will be safe and comfortable.

It is an absolute game changer and I can’t wait to move her into the back carrying position when she is a little bit older for another take on our adventures together.